<Aozora Ouendan(The First)> 

Meet us under our banner of Blue Sky,
so as not to regret your passing life.
It is a power of "Ouen(encouragement)"" to provide someone with the strength beyond their thought.
It might be just one phrase, "Push it!" from someone close to you.
Ouen from your family, your friend, your lover, your kids.
Many ways of "Ouen" as communication, is keeping this world delighted, and strong.
We, Aozora Ouendan, are not really interested in "who won" or, "who lost".
If you, have a strong will to overcome yourself,
it might not be far effective, compared to those from your precious one,
but we'll do our "Ouen" from the bottom of our heart.
If you are asking someone to go dating with you, we'll be there.
It could be your wedding, we'll be there.
We'll be there on the first day of your new job.
There might only be few times in your life when you work on something desperately serious.
We will be there if you wish us to be. Never hesitate to call us.
One more thing.
For our precious kids.
We want to leave our thought that "It is good to work hard for something".
To work hard. To talk about our dreams. Very very fine.
But look around. There's so many people standing in your way to stop you.
Let only the true serious thoughts and serious works take over the world.
We can do it.
And you will of course help us ?
Aozora Ouendan(The First) Head Ryo Taira
Ouen request and enrollment request below